How to Host a Successful Digital Product Holiday Sale | Make Money Online

How to Host a Successful Digital Product Holiday Sale | Make Money Online

How to Run a Successful Holiday Sale for Digital Products

During the holiday season, it can be difficult to distinguish out from the competition. Customers are purchasing things for themselves and their family and friends in larger quantities, but there are also more promo offers available.

Because of the great degree of competition, your growth of e - commerce may easily be overlooked.

Fortunately, using your affiliate network to promote your products can help you increase Holiday earnings. With the Simple Affiliate plugin, you can promote your content for online sales, plan a strategy, and set up affiliate promotions.

You'll be able to attract more clients to your products and increase your revenues as a result of doing so.

This post will show you how to use your affiliate network to promote holiday deals for your online products. We'll go through why these sales are so valuable and how you can make the most of them. Let's get started!

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Why Should You Sell Your Digital Products During the Holiday Season?

Throughout the year, there are numerous holiday discounts. Many people consider the traditional holiday season to begin in November and end in December with Christmas and Best wishes.

You can, however, offer deals for certain occasions such as Cyber Monday and Independence Day:

Many people are looking for gift items for their near and dear ones and for themselves during these times. This is a great opportunity for you to sell your digital products.

Customers are increasingly purchasing things through ecommerce rather than physical storefronts, according to historical data. Ecommerce sales are expected to reach around $28.5 billion during the 2019 Festive period.

You may capitalise on these trends by promoting products prior to and throughout the Festive season. You might have holiday-themed products or simply provide special discounts to your customers at this period.

You may also market your products through your partner program.

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How to Host a Successful Digital Product Holiday Sale (In 4 Steps)

There are some things you can do once you've decided to hold a Holiday sale for your digital goods to make it more effective. You can concentrate on the customer engagement and provide promotional items to your affiliate network.

You'll be on your pathway to success in no time with this!

In this tutorial, we'll go through how to use the Easy Affiliate plugin to manage your affiliate network. It offers a user-friendly interface, payment processor connection, and a plethora of adjustable tools to help you maximise your holiday affiliate sales.

From the Easy Affiliates interface, you can quickly manage and pay your affiliates, submit sponsored posts, and check metrics. With that in mind, let's take a look at how you may boost Holiday deals using several tactics.

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Step 1: Get Your Online Store Ready for the upcoming festive season

If finding your products is too difficult, potential customers may give up trying to buy them. As a result, you might want to consider how to make the online experience as frictionless as feasible.

First, think about how you can improve your ecommerce site and make it easier for customers to buy. One of the top priorities for 42 percent of online consumers is simple accessibility.

Make your search bar easier to discover and provide an auto - complete tool to optimise their journey. You might also wish to put related items together to simplify the overall structure of your menu.

You might also want to consider utilising plugins like UpdraftPlus to back up your site and optimise its speed. During the holiday season, your store may see a spike in traffic, and it will need to be in tip-top form to bear the strain.

In an ideal world, your website should load in two seconds or fewer. The majority of ecommerce conversions take place in this little span.

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Step 2: Create a Holiday Sales Plan

During the holiday season, many businesses conduct special deals and discounts. These offers can persuade visitors to visit your store. To begin, consider offering discounts on some of your most popular items.

You may also run a "12 Days of Christmas" campaign, where you advertise new things each day. This method is used by many organizations to give away prizes, and it may also be used for other occasions, such as Independence Day.

Other good tactics for increasing sales include upselling and cross-selling. When a consumer chooses a new product in your ecommerce store, you may set it up to offer related products. This may persuade people to fill their shopping carts with unnecessary products.

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Step 3: Create Sale Promotions for the Holidays

Create banner advertising to share with your affiliate program to spread the news about your business. These are graphical ads that your affiliates can use to attract more visitors to their websites.

The more eye-catching these adverts are, the better your chances of gaining new customers are:

To upload your graphical goods, go to Creatives > Creatives (Links & Banners) > Add New in the Easy Affiliate plugin:

All of your sponsored content, including posters for certain holidays, can be stored there. This makes it simple for affiliates to access and use these content.

Whatever banner type you choose, make it as personalised and consistent with your business as possible. Consumers value User-Generated Content (UCG) more than traditional advertising, so you may capitalise on your unique brand.

However, simply uploading the content and expecting your associates to use it may not be enough. We actually suggest sending an email to your affiliate program as well as informing them via the dashboard that fresh banners are available.

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Step 4: Create Affiliate Incentive Programs

When it comes to running a Holiday sale for your digital goods, your affiliate program might be one of your most valuable allies. Your affiliates will be encouraged to bring in more consumers if you concentrate on incentives for them.

During the festive season, for instance, you might want to enhance commission payouts. In your Simple Affiliate dashboard, you may specify the fees and raise the percentage for the period of your campaigns.

Go to Easy Affiliate > Settings > Commissions: to alter the service charge.

You may even go one step further and hold a contest for your affiliates. For example, in the run-up to Christmas, you might also offer complimentary products or a higher commission payout to whoever generates the highest sales.

When it comes to motivating your associates, critical thinking is essential. You can motivate them to participate in your holiday promos and enhance sales with a little dedication.

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Holiday seasons are some of the best times to promote your digital items and improve sales. People have already been looking to spend money, and your online marketplace may help them do so. You don't have to do it alone if you supply the correct promotional products and incentives to your associates.

To summarise, here are the steps you can follow to put together a fantastic holiday sale for your merchandise:

1. Get your ecommerce platform ready for the festive season.

2. Plan a festive promotion strategy.

3. Create one-of-a-kind promotional strategies.

4. Using the Quick Affiliate plugin, provide rewards to your associates.

Source: Komal Sharma, Googly Market

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