Beginner's guide to affiliate marketing with step-by-step instructions | Make Money Online

Beginner's guide to affiliate marketing with step-by-step instructions | Make Money Online
Beginner's guide to affiliate marketing with step-by-step instructions

Detailed tutorial guide for beginners in affiliate marketing

Before we dive into the details of how affiliate marketing works, let's take a look at the history of affiliate marketing. Companies have been promoting and selling their wares since the first butchers or artisans laid their wares on city streets in the ancient world. Do you want the best wines? The Tiberius Winery is usually located on the corner of Athena Street. Looking for a quality frying pan? Watch Mr. Potter Made by Claudius.

Then, they realized that most of his customers wanted to store his wine in Claude's production tank, a new kind of business model emerged. So he started recommending these utensils to all his clients. When Claudius saw the influx of sales and heard mention of the Tiberius Distillery, he asked what had happened to Tiberius. Tiberius explained that he was referring people to Claudius, who then gladly offered to pay referral fees to future clients.

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This type of symbiotic partnership has been around for centuries. These are the commercial versions of the relationship between species such as herring, sharks or clownfish and anemones. When multiple teams unite for mutual benefit, individuals are always ahead of themselves when working alone.

Likewise, these partnerships prove that the miserable mathematics of George Orwell's 1984 is not flawed. In conjunction, 2 plus 2 can actually give 5.

But referral marketing has its limits. When doctors refer patients to specialists, they usually take a bribe. The same goes for builders who refer clients to electricians. It is easy to track such referrals, so the person in charge of the sale may have to pay.

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Affiliate Marketing History

With the advent of online shopping, things are getting a bit blurry. is a great piece of jewelry that you can spread all day, but you'll never get a referral discount. How does the owner of this site measure your efforts? There is no way to know which sales came from your referrals and from any of the thousands of reasons a customer might visit the site and make a purchase.

In the mid-1990s, inventor William J. Tobin came up with a solution. In 1988, he joined PC Flowers, Inc. He created a company called, which became the first profitable e-commerce company in the world.

Building on the success of the early businesses, Tobin launched PC Flowers and Gifts in 1994. As Tinker, Tobin developed technology that made sales tracking possible. When another site sends flowers and gifts from PC to a customer and that person makes a purchase, the source is mentioned and a reward is paid.

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A few years later, Amazon took the model to new heights. Amazon Associates started as a venture when only sold books. By simplifying the registration and payment process, the program has attracted a large number of people willing to participate. Finally, an affiliate marketing platform for beginners.

While thousands of PC Flowers and Gifts affiliates manage traffic to their sites, Amazon had thousands on the fast web. This approach fueled Amazon's explosive growth over the years. Remember that online advertising was still in its infancy in the 1990s. It takes affiliate marketing to attract consumers and eventually convert them into paying customers.

Today, any plan by a company to lead new customers to compensate them in their own way is considered affiliate marketing. Details of the affiliate program agreement vary, but commissions are usually only paid when an incoming visit leads to a sale. In other cases, you may be compensated when a user signs up for a free trial, downloads an app, installs software, or arranges sales tips.

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The key is to have your own link. When clicked, cookies or other tracking processes follow user behavior to see if a purchase has been made.

The amount you pay also varies greatly. Some programs offer rewards at a fixed price, while others reward you with a percentage of the user's purchases. Low-paid plans can only sell 2-3%, while elite plans reward you with up to 50% of your purchase.

In terms of the scope of opportunities, it is not surprising that affiliate marketing is growing in popularity. Research shows that in the US alone, authorized spending will reach $2.82 billion this year, up $5 billion from 5 years ago.

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How does affiliate marketing work from a cash flow perspective?

The potential of affiliate marketing is that it can provide a frequent source of cash. Some even consider it a form of passive income. what does that mean? Right setup, you can watch your favorite TV shows, get a pedicure, take a dip in Fiji, bring dinner to a sick friend, or run with a puppy while working on other businesses.

Of course, you have to do your work ahead of time to make sure your software is efficient and streamlined. This is a "business now, enjoy later" model and a certain level of maintenance is required to keep everything organized and save money.

Consider this case study by Pat Flynn. As the founder of the Smart Passive Income blog, he knows how to make this process work.

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Keep in mind that affiliate marketing and other passive income methods are not a "get rich quick" plan. Instead, they provide a growing system that leads to sustainable growth and success.

You may be wondering how quickly users who click on your link need to make a purchase in order to make a payment. It depends on what agreement is in the plan you're participating in. Some plans have a validity period of 30 days, which means that if a user makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking on your link, you will be compensated. Other programs have a much shorter window.

Let's take a look at 3 main strategies you can follow when considering affiliate marketing for beginners

1. Participate in affiliate marketing

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This is the purest form of affiliate marketing. As your active user, you consent to the products or services. The idea is that because the quality of the product or service is so high, you can make similar recommendations even if you are not compensated.

This type of affiliate marketing builds trust with your audience. By putting your reputation at risk, you get more clicks. You will lay the foundation for a sustainable revenue stream when the product or service qualifies.

An example of affiliate marketing is a beauty blogger who posted a video showing how to use a specific face wash. During the 5-minute video, the blogger discusses the benefits of the product and shows how it helps her skin look healthier after a week of use. Finally, he shared a link to the exclusive face wash deal for all his followers. As long as they shop through its link, they'll get 30% off the regular retail price.

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Not all Blogger followers use the link to buy face wash. But the fact that he shared so much publicity confirms that his publicity is basically seen as a win-win. She earns money with affiliate marketing bonuses, and her followers have the opportunity to save on purchases if they so desire.

2. Related Affiliate Marketing

You may want to expand your affiliate marketing so that you are not limited to products and services that you have personally tried. This type of affiliate marketing enables you to do so by sharing relevant content with your industry. If you are an e-commerce professional, you can promote your new bookkeeping software. Or gym owners can share links to view drinks.

This is a complex balance, because your followers can shop through the links you share. If they trust you, they are more likely to click and convert however, if the product or service is substandard, you will lose credibility.

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Therefore, proper perseverance in affiliate marketing is very important. Only share products and services that meet your criteria to avoid being seen as a selfish liar.

A real example of affiliate marketing would be if an online jewelry store published an article online about the 5 best jewelry cleaning solutions on the market. Even if the owner doesn't use each cleaner himself, he can break down its advantages and use his or her own experience to explain why it's a good choice.

Each of the five products in the article will include a trackable link where customers can purchase the detergent on Amazon. Each purchase will pay a fee to the jewelry store owner.

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3. Unattached Affiliate Marketing

Welcome the simplest and least risky form of affiliate marketing. Instead of creating a sustainable following like attractive affiliate marketing, you are looking for opportunities to promote products and services to anyone who can click on the link.

This type of marketing takes less time because you don't have to build credibility with your following or product research. You need to find something to promote.

Examples of freelance affiliate marketing are using ads per click to promote entrepreneur solid soda, high-gloss car polishes, accounting software for small businesses, and larger-than-usual aviator sunglasses.

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Note that there is no connection between the different products, only the marketer makes money if people click on the link promoting them. So this method tries to get the link in front of the eyeballs as much as possible.

Source: Grant Olsen, Foundr, Direct News 99 

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